Gastric Bypass Surgery in Mexicali

Safety, Benefits & Cost

Advantages of having gastric bypass in Mexico

Today’s gastric bypass has been performed hundreds of thousands of times and It’s an excellent weight loss solution. Its outcomes have been studied, its risks and benefits evaluated.

Gastric bypass has historically been the most popular bariatric procedure, Patients who have gastric bypass surgery typically lose about 65-80% of their excess body weight. On average, most patients lose between 10-20 pounds each month in the first year following surgery. Also helps with Diabetes, 60-84% of people controlled their type 2 diabetes.

In terms of Weight Loss, it has been determined that most significant weight loss occurs during the first 3 months after surgery, continuing up to 8 months after surgery.

The International Federation for the Surgery of Obesity and Metabolic Disorders (IFSO) is a worldwide scientific organization that brings together surgeons and integrated health professionals involved in the treatment of morbidly obese patients.

IFSO is composed of national associations like:

  • ASMBS ( United States)
  • CMCOEM (Mexico)

Dr. Arellano is a member of both associations and Past President of CMCOEM. He can perform outstanding bariatric surgery and keep all complications to a minimum. Is a skilled certified bariatric surgeon with more than 20 years of experience and continuing education.

Gastric Bypass (Roux-en-Y) list of Benefits:

Your overall life will improve. You will have more energy, more confidence, and feel better after gastric bypass surgery.

Long term weight loss.

Patients can lose up to 80% of their excess body weight.

Obesity-related diseases will improve.

These include type 2 diabetes, hypertension, dyslipidemia, metabolic syndrome, fatty liver disease, and obstructive sleep apnea.

Type 2 diabetes resolution.

Is effective for resolution of type 2 diabetes mellitus. “In fact, more than 50% of patients with type 2 diabetes will experience normalization of their blood sugar levels and will either be off all of their antidiabetic medications or require markedly less medications.” IFSO

Improved Longevity.

Obesity is risk factor for the development of many diseases. After Gastric Bypass the risk of obese diseases decrease; increasing life expectancy of the patient.

Improvements in Quality of Life and Psychological Status.

Gastric Bypass affects positively in mobility, self-esteem, work, social interactions, and sexual function. Depression and anxiety are significantly reduced.

Surgery Day

Gastric bypass, or Roux-en-Y, is the most common bariatric weight loss surgery and the only procedure proven to provide effective long-term weight loss. This procedure is best suited for patients who suffer from obesity and obesity-related ailments. Individuals with a BMI above 35 who have tried to lose weight unsuccessfully with diets and exercise are typically good candidates for gastric bypass surgery.

During a gastric bypass procedure, Dr. Arellano modifies the size of the stomach to restrict the amount of food a patient is able to consume. The stomach is divided into two sections – a small pouch at the top where food enters and a large, lower section. Separated by staples, the lower section of the stomach is closed off and bypassed, but not removed as it is in gastric sleeve surgery. The small intestine is also divided and re-routed to the new, small pouch in the top of the stomach.

The night before your surgery, you will need to stop eating. On the day of surgery, do not eat or drink anything (including water) unless it’s indicated. The day of the surgery, our staff will pick you at your Hotel and drive you to the Hospital. Meet the pre-op nursing staff, then Dr. Arellano will explain all the details. If you have concerns you can ask any questions.


Recovery time will depend on the size of the incision made. If you had laparoscopic gastric bypass surgery performed, you might stay in the hospital for 2 to 3 days.

Once you lose weight and reduce medications it becomes easier to exercise. If you are able to implement regular exercise along with a healthy diet, you may lose more than the average excess weight loss listed above.
Anecdotally, you will have more energy, more confidence, and feel better after gastric bypass surgery. These benefits are hard to measure but this study shows 95% of patients reported an improved quality of life 1 year after surgery.

Gastric Bypass Surgery Cost

Costs can vary based on surgeon and location. The average price of Gastric Bypass Surgery in Mexico round between $8,000 and $14,000 USD.

The number of American and Canadian patients visiting Dr. Arellano is rising, more patients keep trusting and recommending Mexico Bariatric Team thanks to great proven results. You can save up to 70% on your Gastric Bypass surgery.

Dr. Arellano is one of the best-skilled surgeons with +20 years of experiences practicing these procedures.

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